Friday, 15 July 2016

Pokemon Go - Day One

So yesterday I had a really hard therapy session; I was so tired and really struggled with the session. It was made harder as there had been another triggering incident the previous night with a member of family. Added on to that I only have one more session before we go on a break so I am worrying about that.

But, after the session I had a nap in bed and I felt a little better. And was messaged by a friend that Pokemon Go was finally available to download in the UK.

I have been a fan for so long and I had been waiting for this to come out. So I dragged myself out of bed and downloaded it. And I was so excited, while having my 'mental health day' I had been watching loads of videos on Youtube and learning up as much as possible. So I used the trick to get Pikachu as your first Pokemon, while we had a slow walk to collect Harry from school. And so far this how I am getting on which I don't think is too bad for just over an hour of being out. We ended up coming home though as I was so worn out from my therapy and my anxiety was starting to really affect me.

I have heard from some other friends that also suffer with mental health issues and they have also said that the game had also helped them be a little more motivated about going out, even if it was for a short walk to try to find some new Pokemon. I would have to agree that it did help me for a short while to try to keep my focus on finding Pokemon rather than focusing on my anxiety and negative thoughts, so I did find it very good in that respect.

We have also said that should I feel up to it over the weekend, we will go out Pokemon hunting for a short while over the weekend as a family. William has also been playing along and is also a big Pokemon fan too. Harry was really exceited to be looking for them on my phone with me too. It is great to see that something as 'simple' as Pokemon Go has been helping people with other medical conditions get out for short periods of time too.

I hope to find some new Pokemon tomorrow, and level up some of my Pokemon I already own too. So fingers crossed that we get out for even 10 minutes over the weekend depending on my anxiety.

I was wondering if any of my readers also were playing this? If so let me know in the comment box how you are doing and your highest levelled Pokemon.

Happy hunting,


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