Monday, 25 July 2016

Confessions Of A Planner-O-Holic #4

Hello planner folk.

This week has been very difficult for me with my mental health, so I appologise for my lack of posts this last week. However I am back for this week's installment of confessions of a Planner-O-Holic.  This week it is our second Q & A that we kindly asked you all to request questions. So with out further a do here we go.

1) How many planners do you own?

Do you want the honest answer or the answer that I live my husband. So honestly I have too many to remember. I currently own the following;
* 2 x pocket filofax's
* 9 x personal sized ring binders
* 1 x a5 ring binder
* 4 x standard travellers notebooks
* 1 x passport travellers notebook

Now that I have listed them out I am now thinking that I should sell some as it does seem a bit excessive. But hey, a planner girl can never have too many can she?

2) What is your favourite Pen?

This is a hard one. I don't really have a special pen that I always use. But I tend to gravitate toward fine liner pens purely for the fact that they are really good when you don't have much real estate in a personal sized planner.

I also really enjoy writing with my Lamy Safari fountain pen. I really love this pen but I am still having to practice using it and to improve my handwriting.

3) Do you have a favourite theme?

I would have to say my favourite theme would have to be Disney. I have noticed as I plan that I have also been including ALOT of Disney in my planner. I have always been bonkers about Disney, especially Mickey Mouse, but I was finding that every weeks spreads would be Disney, so I have been trying to include some other spreads too. But I am always coming back to Disney, or trying to include some Disney in there whether it is a quote, symbol or checklist. 

4) How many rolls of washi do you own?

Far too many. I gave up counting last year! Gosh that sounds bad. I have been trying to use up my stash though. I have found many uses for my washi to try and get through it rather than hoarding hundreds of rolls of it. My son, Harry loves washi too, so whenever I have a new roll he always gets me to make him little washi samplers on laminated card, so he can use them on his crafty projects or in his diary. I have recently started to penpal again, so I have been sending some washi samples to my penpals also. Washi always makes everything better though. It is super wonderful stuff and I am so glad that I found it, but my bank balance doesn't agree.

5) Stickers or Washi?

I would have to say stickers. I have always loved stickers from a very young age. I find something very therapeutic about stickers and using them to decorate my planner or journal. It is amazing how something so very simple can completely change the feel of a page.

Of course I couldn't function without washi too; could I still sneak in some washi too? Is that fair?

6) Rings, Discs or Coils?

I would have to say that I have tried all three and I like them all for different reasons. However I LOVE my ring bound planners. I love the looks as well as how versatile they are as well. I always find that I come back to my ring planners regardless of how many times I try to use other bindings in my planner. I find that coil and disk planners just don't work for me long term. I find them a bit too constricting and not at all versatile. Maybe that is just the way my brain works but I was always wanting to move pages around or include them in my disc and coil planners, so I ended up in my ring bound planner over a year ago and I can honestly say that I have not looked back. I love my ring bound planners and love being able to move things about and include things without any hastle at all.

I hope you have all enjoyed this weeks. I look forward to seeing the other girls posts; don't forget to head over to their posts (links below). Until next week keep planning!


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