Friday, 19 December 2014

Busy Week

So this week has been pretty busy for us; I guess the run up to Christmas and all that goes with it. Monday was my son's Christmas school production, which was brilliant. Tuesday was the last push for our Christmas shopping, so that was busy. We went to the Christmas market in town, which was rubbish. Every other year we have been and seen so much that we wanted to buy but didn't have to money. However this year we went prepared with money and hopes of getting a few gifts from there too, but nope it was awful. But we finished our Christmas shopping and got pretty much everything we wanted to get. Although we had to rush home as our little boy had been ill at school so we had to collect him. So Wednesday was a real struggle for me. I felt really lifeless and tired. I don't know if it was all my depression or if it was partly that I had the bug that my son had. So I pretty much slept most of the day and felt a little better in the evening. Thursday was my son's school party which he was super excited about, so he decided that even if he was still ill he wanted to go, which is funny. He seemed to really enjoy himself and was raving about the games they played when he got home. In the evening I started to watch thee movie 'Big Hero 6.' Which I wasn't overly looking forward to watching, but it was really good and I was pleasantly surprised. I am a big Disney fan so I pretty much watch all Disney movies anyway.
So today is Friday and my son's last day of term. We are really looking forward to Christmas and spending quality time together. I have always loved this time of the year, and since having a child it brings back all the fun memories from when I was small. My plans for the weekend are to go over to my parents house to see them, and to watch some Christmas movies with my son.
Next week all the pre-Christmas fun begins with lots of baking and Christmas goodies to be enjoyed before the big days festivities. I hope you all have a great Christmas and I shall check in again soon.

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