Thursday, 11 December 2014

Feeling Ok today

So I woke today and felt pretty good. I have tried to keep my mood up by planning out our Christmas shopping trip (yes I am one of those people who finds making lists and planning fun). I also wrote on the back of the Christmas decorations that my son and I made at his school the other day, so when I am a lot older all the information is on the back should we forget. Plus when we are not around for him he will have all the information documented on when he made it, how old he was, where he made it and with who he made it with.
I also have been doing a bit of looking online at other depression blogs and sites for more information. I am one of these people that likes to do as much research as I can into a subject. I also find that when I find someone (should it be a blog, vlog on youtube etc) it does help me and makes me feel a little less alone.
I am also using this site as a way of trying to get my thoughts out there and hopefully help other people. This is mainly because I really struggle to open up to people, and bottle things up. Which I am strongly thinking is one of my triggers, so I am trying to slowly force myself to open up. I just do not want to burden other people with my issues and thoughts. Especially as I do not want to make them feel down and helpless as well, as that really doesn't help anyone.

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