Friday, 16 January 2015

A New Years Update

I hope your all having a good new year! I have been struggling a lot with my depression and sleep again. I was only getting 1-3 hours sleep a day, which was causing my migraines again. I had my update with my doctor last week, and he has increased my sleeping tablet, in hopes it will calm my sleep anxiety and calm me down. I also suffer with psoriasis (I have had it since I 6736635_f260was very little) and that has been flaring up again. I suffer with it a lot on my face and scalp, which of cause everyone stares at when you are out, which only makes me even more depressed and self conscious. So I have been on the increased sleeping tablet which helped for one or two days, as I was asleep before midnight (not the normal thing for me at all). But I have found that it is helping still but I am not getting to sleep until around 2-3 am, but it is still a slight improvement.
I have also been worrying a lot about my husband and his illness. He has suffered with issues with his bowls and bleeding for around 9 years now. He has had multiple tests and the doctors just brush it off as he is fine and it is nothing to worry about. But his bleeding has got a lot worse over the last 3 years. It is very frustrating when the doctors are saying that there is nothing wrong, but your husband is having what I can only explain as a very heavy period from his back passage. It is very embarrassing for him when we are out if he is struggling. He has had to use some of my sanitary towels before when he is bleeding - how is this normal?
Anyway, we had a consultant appointment before Christmas and then were referred for yet another colonoscopy, which he had last night. His appointment was for 6:30 pm, and we didn't leave the hospital until 9 pm. He was in a lot of pain as they had inflated his bowls and intestines to get the endoscope up all the way. They also took some biopsies and now it is a waiting game again. We think that it is possibly Chrones Disease, as it runs in the family but the doctors have insisted in the past that it is "nothing" but hopefully this doctor finds something as it needs to be treated.
So I am hoping you are well and thank you for spending time reading my update.
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