Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Emma Wicks

If you haven’t watched her yet, check out Emma Wicks on YouTube and here. She really helps me to feel like I’m not alone. She is so strong and amazingI often find that I find myself watching Youtube; we all do it right? Spend hours and hours watching different videos and before you know it its bed time. Well recently I have been binge watching Emma Wicks' channel on youtube (if you haven't found her yet then head over) She is so inspiring. I find that on a bad day if I watch one of her videos they really help me unwind and ground me. Sometimes suffering with anxiety and depression it can feel very isolating and alone; well she has helped me so much.

Since watching Emma I have started keeping a journal (which I shall do another blog post on); I have started therapy again. And I have also started to open up alittle bit and talk to others about my needs and what I am going through right now!

So please head over to her channel and let her know I sent you.

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