Wednesday, 15 June 2016

How to use t-tag's with your planners

So us ring bound planner folk need a way to archive our previous layouts. I have been struggling with this a lot since I moved over to ring bound planning. I have been using an old websters pages box to store my old pages. I keep them not only to refer back to if needed for appointments etc. But I also keep them as a way to reflect on my mental health progress; as well as it is just fun to reminisce sometimes.

So I have been looking for a while and finally fell upon the t-tag. It seems so simple whem you think about it now. These are very similar to the treasury tags that I remember us using back when I was at junior school to bind our work together. These however are so much better than the original. They are vert sturdy, yet bendy. Plus we already have holes in our ring bound planner pages, so it makes sense.

I personally only have my inserts from the beginning of 2016, so that is 7 months now, but there are too many to store in one of my many filofax's or websters page planners. Plus I don't want to damage the rings by over stuffing them. So these are a fab compromise. They also look really bright and colourful, which well means they are also very easy on the eye too. So why not head over and have a look yourself and let me know how you find them?

Take Care, Vicky

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