Tuesday, 14 June 2016


Ok, so here it is I have always been one of those really organised people that makes lists and is always ready for holidays and special events weeks or even months in advance. Well one of the first things that I noticed when my anxiety and depression was getting worse was that I wasn't doing anything. Don't get me wrong most days are still a struggle but I have found one way to keep myself focused and motivated. Plus my planner is a good way to channel my creativity and allow me to track my days.

So I fell into the planning world on Youtube and Facebook groups with a big bump just over a year ago now. It was great to feel normal to make lists, and make lists of the lists (I know bonkers but that is how my mind works with repetition.) But I found that it really helped me to make sure I wasn't missing anything important as my memory is now rubbish. My brain is constantly on the go so I just can not contain any important information at all.

So I thought I would give you a sneak peek at my planner for this week. I am currently in a Personal Sized Sandringham planner. I find this size to be great to carry in my bag and always have it on hand for appointments (especially school dropping a non-uniform on you with no notice; oh the fun life of us parents.) So I am currently using a week on four pages (WO4P) set up and it is working great for me. I have loads of room to use bigger stickers and also keep everything organised. I find it really helpful to also track things like my medication etc too. Again which is great because I have been known in the past to forget, and well this way I know that I do take them.

The sticker kit that I have used this week is one based on the 'Mean Girls' movie. I got them from my sister and I's etsy shop which is StickerSisterCo.  The shop is currently closed for a few weeks as my sister is moving house so everything is mega chaotic as you can expect, but I shall drop a post on here when we are open again.

I am planning on doing weekly planner spread updates if that is something you would be interested in seeing. Please let me know in the comments below if you do like the idea of that or have any questions just drop me a message.

Happy Planning,
Vicky x

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  1. Planning works wonders for me too! Keeping busy is sometimes the key. Cute planner too!