Wednesday, 6 July 2016

My world

So I thought I would share a post about my world; my 6 year old son Harry. He is the one thing that makes me keep on fighting with my mental health. Everyday he makes me laugh and is always there to ask if I am ok. He has the kindest soul that I have ever met. He has always been a very bright child and will always share 'his last rolo'.

When my Dad died suddenly in October 2015, Harry really did struggle. They were best friends; and Dad was always the one Harry would confide in when he was having problems at school. So not only did he loose a best friend but also his confidant. I was so sad to see my little man so unhappy and lost. Unfortunately his school work took a bit of a hit too; his reading development  just stopped. I think this is partly because Dad and Harry would read a lot together. So he would put off reading and I could see that the memories he had attached to reading were making it hard for him.

But 8 months on we have both healed a little bit and he now talks about Grandad with great fondness without getting upset. We have a jar where we collect any feathers we find, as Harry relates them to Grandad being around. It warms my heart to see how strong this wonderful little man is, and really shows me how to be within myself.

Thank you so much little man to keeping Mummy going; I love you so much buddy.

Love Mummy x

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  1. sorry for yours and harrys loss, you are lucky to have such a caring loving boy xx