Monday, 4 July 2016

Confessions Of A Planner-O-Holic; Part One

Hi everyone,

Myself and some other fellow Planner-O-Holic's have decided to all join together and all do a series called 'Confessions Of A Planner-O-Holic.' This series is going to be posted every Monday; and I have added the links to all the other lovely ladies blogs or Youtube's at the bottom of my post.

So this week I thought I would post about my life with my Planner. Now I consider my planner to be my best friend. Why wou ask? Well here goes. I have big issues with my mental health and trust is one of my biggest issues. So, since I started using a planner and journal; just over a year ago. I have found that they have become a best friend. I can trust them and have no worries they will ever let me down.

Now I know that is so sad, my husband is always saying that I love my planner more than him! Men just don't get it thought. When I explained that it is a bit like the way he is with his Xbox, he still didn't get it. Hmmm, perhaps I should hide his Xbox Controllers for 24 hours and see if he understands then? Haha that's just mean. But you guys get it right? It is great to have somewhere that I can write down my thoughts and feelings; plus it is great to know that I have a rough plan and reminders on important dates etc so I don't have them springing up on me like they used too. (Although something still springs up that I have not written down or not written on my weekly pages, but hey that is a whole other post about my bad planning habits right.)

Do you have any fun stories or do you feel the same about your planners and journals? I would like to think that I am not alone in this (fingers crossed.) I look forward to catching you next Monday with the second installment of Confessions of a Planner-O-Holic.

Until then keep planning,

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  1. I have actually never used a planner. I've tried, I tend to try every single year BUT I just can't get on with them. I am too used to having a life online! x

  2. always intend to use a planner but never do :( x

  3. I really need to get myself a planner, I amean a series list writer so a planner would definitely work for me x