Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Feeling Down

I'm feeling really down at the moment. I was super positive this morning, and felt good, but it is now midday and I am feeling really low. So I am doing what I have been doing recently and delving into my you-tuber subscribed channels. 
When I am down I always tend to go to a handful of pages;
Zoella's vlogs ; I love Zoe and I really feel a connection with her. She always cheers me up!
Bunny's youtube channel ; Bunny is so funny & always makes me giggle at her way of saying things.
Jen's Channel ; Jen has many channels. I love all of them especially her vlogs and Christmas videos.
So I am watching some old videos to try and help my mood. And hopefully I am feeling more positive later as I have christmas crafting with my son at school, so I'll have to put on a brave face for that.
Thanks for reading, much love <3

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