Monday, 8 December 2014

Start Of A New Week & Sending Love To Zoella

So today is Monday; the start of a new week. My plans this week are a bit minimal. They mainly consist of reading, watching some Christmas movies and plan out some baking I shall be doing over the Christmas period. A wee bit boring I know, but I love Christmas time and have been counting down since September time (yes I am one of those people!)
Today I planned on reading some more of my 'Girl Online' book by Zoe Sugg. I am a huge fan on her's and couldn't wait to get my hands on the book. At the start of the day I was only half way through the book, and was loving the story and the characters, but by 7:30pm I have finished the book....ooppps! It is brilliant. I cannot wait for the next installment of Penny and Noah <3 I am saddened to hear that Zoella is getting a lot of stick on the internet and by the media, regarding her having a ghost writer for the book....So what???? Most book writers now do use ghost writers....I mean look at Robbie Savage, he was pushing his "autobiography" the other year, and then let slip in an interview a few months later that he had never read it, never mind written it! This really upsets me. I hope that this doesn't overshadow the success of 'Girl Online' for Zoe, and then effect her own panic attacks etc. I am sending love and positive thoughts your way <3
So, I have been struggling with my depression again. I have been burying in books (mainly Girl Online at the mo) as a way to escape and to try and take my mind of it. Which has been working. But then I have been suffering with a really bad migraine most days, which doesn't help when I am trying to read! Hopefully when I have my next doctors appointment I can mention it and something can be done,
Much love, and thank you for your support xxx

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