Monday, 23 February 2015

Sorry for being away

Hi guys,
Sorry for it being a little while since my last post. I have really been struggling and life as a Mummy kind of took over. Unfortunately my son has contracted chicken pox so I'm in high demand as he isn't feeling himself; poor little monkey.
Anyway, I have recently had my monthly review with my doctor. He has reduced my anti-anxiety / sleep aid, as I wasn't happy at all. I was feeling very drowsy during the day, like I was not 100% there (if that makes sense). My husband even made comments that he had noticed that I didn't seem 'myself', so my tablets have dropped again at night. I have also started to take my anti-depressant in the morning rather than at night in case that was having any effect also. And over the last week since making this change I have felt more alert and found I am less prone to dozing off during the day as well.
I am also looking into some alternative therapies again. More towards the crystal route and the effect that they have. So I shall report back in a few days on anything I have found out.
Much love xxx

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