Tuesday, 28 April 2015

ESA & Depression

So I have been on ESA for a few months now, and had my medical assessment appointment a while ago. I know that they are known to basically ignore what you say and just simply are there to get you off esa and ignore your struggles etc. I was a mess the morning of my appointment, was feeling sick to my stomach and panicking. But I got through the appointment but guessed that I would be kicked off it.
Anyway, I just had a call saying that they were indeed taking me off the ESA and asked if I had any new information. I told them that since that appointment I had revived my referral information to see a councilor (I had been putting it off as I find it really hard to talk to people about anything so the thought of this set my anxiety and depression off more). But my doctor kindly "put his foot down" at my last appointment and said I did need it and that we couldn't hope that the medication alone would 'fix me'. The chap on the phone said ok, but that I am still being taken off ESA as of today.
Now I am in a real state. He said that the information would be in the post but that they recommend JSA but there is no way I could see myself working. It is hard enough most days to get out of bed to get my son ready for school. I feel depressed and down all day, but try to put on a brave face for my family and especially my son. He is the only thing that keeps me going. As I am writing this I am crying as I feel so alone and don't know what to do. My husband is supporting me but still I just don't know what to do!
Sorry for boring you with this but I needed to get it out and hope that it helps alittle

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