Thursday, 28 May 2015

May update

This month has been really hard for me. Since being kicked off esa, I have felt really let down as if no-one believes how I am feeling. I am trying my very hardest to keep myself plodding on for my son and husband. But once he is at school I feel that I can 'drop' the mask a little. My husband has said he has noticed how I have seemed very different of late. Simple 546f1e7e6892f.imagethings that would usually make me feel better and cheer me up haven't been working, and he has noticed I am napping during the day more and struggling to get up and do anything once Harry is at school. He is understanding and trying to help. He said he wanted to treat me to take me to the cinema to see the new Pitch Perfect 2, as I loved the first movie. But due to being taken off esa, and still waiting to hear if he is back on it we don't have any money left over (after bills). So then that bummed us both out. Money has been playing on both our minds at the moment, which I think has flared my depression and anxiety and made them worse. Plus hubby's medical problems have got a lot worse again. Fortunately we have an appointment for him next week so hopefully we will get abit of help from that a possibly steering us in the right direction, AFTER 6+ YEARS OF NO DIAGNOSIS!
10458925_10153338896769766_6426285584822469816_nOne thing that I have been doing a lot this month again is reading. I have read so many books lately. I set myself a challenge of reading 50 books in 2015, and I have already read 28 books. So that is 8 books ahead of schedule. I shall be doing a post about the books I have been reading soon. I even managed to read a complete book yesterday; the second Pretty Little Liars book. I am a big fan of the television series so thought I would give the books a try, and I was not disappointed.
To finish out this post I wanted to include a quote that I fell across a few weeks ago on pinterest. It totally sums up how I feel at the moment. Do any of you feel like this?

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