Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Life Is Hard

So it has been a really hard week since my last therapy session, and thankfully my next session is tomorrow. I have been really struggling since we uncovered so much of my guilt and PTSD due to bullying. I have been trying to compartmentalise last week and my emotions. But it has been really hard since we gave my guilt a voice last week to stop that voice. I practically dragged myself to a GP review on Monday; which I explained the work that has been uncovered, and he said he was proud of the work I was doing and that I should try to not blame myself all the time. But that is just something that is easier said than done!

The last two days especially have been so hard. I haven't even got out of bed as I couldn't physically do so. I am so drained and feel so weak all the time. I am just so tired of having to live like this! Today I decided to try to take a Mental Health Day and just try to check out of my own head. I have just been lying in bed, with a cup of tea, and caught up a little on some of my TV Shows. So Nashville it was; and a song from one of the episodes really resonates with me and my current emotions and mental health.

Sometimes you just need to take a step back and have a day just for yourself. I have done it in hope that I can be emotionally ready for my therapy tomorrow and try to build myself up a little.

I hope this finds you all well,
Vicky x

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