Friday, 1 July 2016

Pre One Book July Planner Set Up

For the last few years 'One Book July' has been getting more and more popular with us planner addicts. It was started 3 years ago by Rhomanys Realm, Carie Harling and Miss Vicky Bee. I have wanted to try it the last few years but saw it as kind of scary and just enjoyed watching all of the planner videos. But this year I have decided to take the plunge. I need to get out of having so many books and hoping to pick up on any bad habbits that I have with my journals and planners.

So what I thought I would do is post up my current planners (yes I am working in more than one book) and the set ups that I have in them. So I currently have a pink Travellers notebook with four inserts in from HarrisTweed,
a Paperchase personal sized Dogtooth ring binder that is my 'Main' planner; and a black faux dori that I have put a mermaid decal onto. Until I sat down to do this blog post I didn't realise that I was working in three books on a regular basis; so now I am a little bit scared of cutting them down but we shall try.

 So first up is my HarrisTweed TN; I have recently re-homed this TN and moved in straight away. I initially had this planner as my catch all so to speak. I have three books in here and then one plastic zip/buisness card holder. This TN is home to my Gratitude journal, which I started after being recommended it by my therapist; as a way to focus on at least one positive per day and to try to start to change my mindset a little.

I also have a purple deer insert; this is my 'dear diary' journal. I have only started keeping a journal as a way to work through my emotions since my Dad's death, as well as a way to work through my feelings and keep them in check. For obvious reasons I haven't shared the insides of these inserts due to their very personal nature. My final book insert is just a plain notebook for me to write down notes, include photos etc a little like a smashbook idea. Then of course us planner girls cannot go anywhere without having some washi tape with us, so my business card holder holds just that. I also keep a few journaling cards, pens and extra washi in the zip pocket. This pink TN is mainly journaling and just as an escape from my own head really. I also have an angel charm on the top binding as a reminder of my Dad.

Then next is my Black TN with the gold decal on. This planner was gifted to me around a year ago by a very kind lady. Her name was embossed on the bottom corner of it, and to 'hide' it I simply added a vinyl decal and it has helped to make the TN feel a lot more like my own.

This TN journal is what I use for my blog planning as well as my 'therapy' book. I take this TN to all of my therapy sessions and will use it to write down anything that is important that I feel I need to remember, or to write down any emotions or thoughts that I have had between sessions. I have found that since my anxiety and depression as gotten worse my memory has gotten awful so to have those notes with me is really useful and remind me of anything that I feel is important and I need to bring to my therapists attention.

The first book in this TN is my weekly diary for my blog. This is a week on 1 page layout with a page of squared paper opposite for me to make notes and ideas on for the blog. This has been helpful in keeping me focused on work that I need to do for this blog.

My next insert is a plain white paper insert that I recently won on instagram. I will be doing a review of the shop and the inserts soon. This book is where I am hoping to start a recovery journal in. I have found many posts on Youtube and online referring to a recovery journal and how it is helpful to get out the emotions and feelings; whether it be in words, paintings or drawings. I am hoping that this will help me to bring back my enjoyment of art and being creative which I have lost the passion for.

And finally I have my Paperchase Dogtooth Personal sized ring binder. This is my main planner. This is the one that holds the traditional calendar planner and is always with me. I have many different binders but the contents is usually the same idea when I decide so switch and change. I have been using a ring bound planner for a year now and I enjoy the ease of pulling out and putting things in with great ease. You may also notice that I have added a slit in each of the pages to allow me to pop pages in and out without having to open my rings. This is purely to keep my rings in the best condition that I can for as long as possible. I have included a video below of my flip through of my main planner.

Now the fun begins trying to work these planners down to a smaller concept for 'One Book July'. So fingers crossed and wish me good luck.

Much Love,

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  1. The process of trimming down until you can fit all in one book it's complicated. I've participated in this challenge for 3 years in a row and I can tell you it's not easy.
    My most comfortable experience was last year in an A6 MiquelRius notebook with blank pages. This year I thought of going to an A5 but I went with the version 2.0 of the challenge and I'm using an A5 notebook to write every day.
    Good luck to you!